On my 16th birthday, I realized, I had inherited passion for science, logic, philosophy from a mad scientist, inventor and mentor: my father. It all started with wearables ( & & a Startup Weekend event in the summer-of-2012 culminating into a tangible business ( Since then, every summer, I’ve been taking-up tech projects.

Summer-of-2013 was for AR/VR producing my first patents at age-17.

Summer-of-2014 was spent making tiny drones dance in-sync to music (formation-flying as they say). Dronies (@DancingDrones).were well ahead of time (; they failed to take off as a business, teaching me my life’s most important lesson: “Marketing trumps talent all the time.”

Summer-of-2015 was for Blockchain/Cryptocurrency, building a strong presence within Bitcoin P2P community. Summer-of-2016 was for AI, robotics, self-driving tech (, making sure I wanted to be inventor-entrepreneur for life.

Summer of 2017 is being spent disrupting the disruption :D. Dock-less Bikeshare has been a colossal technological disruption, likes of which, the world has never seen before. The first half of 2017 saw shocking images of bicycle graveyards, bicycle dumps and bicycle mountains piling in most major cities of China. Images of bike dumps became more news-worthy when investors flooded the bikeshare companies responsible for those bike dumps with hundreds of millions, pushing the dock-less bikeshare market cap to hit a mind-blowing $6 Billion in months.
The dock-less bikeshare indeed has disrupted the Chinese urban landscape so much that the city administrators are squabbling over the bikeshare helter-skelter chaos. So, the summer of 2017 got us busy using our prior experience with blockchain, mobility, AI and AR to find a solution to this nuisance on the streets of China. RIDO ( is our traffic-compliant dock-less bikeshare solution getting ready for an ICO launch.


Xi'an Jiaotong University

2015-2021 Degree NameBachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery - MBBS

Center Point School, Nagpur

General Dates attended or expected graduation 2000 – 2014 Field Of StudyBiology/Biological Sciences,



Jun 2017 – Present Project Manager

Decentralized AI Trading System


May 2017 – Present Co-Founder

ZeroMile Software Services India Private Limited

Jun 2015 – Present Director


Jun 2015 – Present Co-Founder

Self Employed

Sep 2014 – Present CEO